Tap Level 1 (ages 6-10)

This class concentrates on the art of making music with your feet. Tap dancing involves precise movements of the feet and body to make rhythmic combinations you can hear. This class is fun and high energy and is great place for your 6-10 year-old dancer to begin focusing on the art of tap dancing. This class does participate in the recital at the end of the year.

Tap Level 2 (ages 11+)

This class is an intermediate tap class that focuses on incorporating tap basics with stylized combinations. Students will also learn intermediate-to-advanced tap skills. Students will be eligible for this class if they have completed at least one full year of Tap and/or are placed in this level by an instructor.

Tap Level 3 (ages 11+)

This class focuses on the complicated steps and sounds of intermediate-advanced tap. Students are eligible for this class if they are ages 11+ and can demonstrate mastery of tap basics. This class does participate in the recital at the end of the year.

Stage Tap (ages 12+)

This class is for ages 12-adult who want to tap well enough to perform in local stage musicals.  It covers all the basic steps with an emphasis on Broadway-style choreography, transitions, and timing.  Performance in the recital is optional.